Thursday, April 26, 2012

Crew Fenton Backholm

My water broke at 1:30 am on  Tuesday, April 24th. I was 38 weeks 2 days gestation in pregnancy. The  evening before I was having pre-labor contractions approximately every 5 minutes for about 3 hours and then they subsided. We had some friends over for a barbecue and enjoyed a warm Monday evening. I waited, wondering when I'd get to meet my little bundle. Upon my water breaking, I became excited. I had never entered labor by having my water break before. After Pike's speedy delivery, I thought for sure I'd have a baby within a few hours! Little did I know I was about to endure one of the longest days of my life! I called the midwives to report that my water broke and they advised me to get some rest and call if I began having contractions, otherwise to check back later that morning. I got a very little bit of rest because I was so excited.

 Stephen stayed home from work as we knew we'd be having a baby that day. We took the kids over to his parents (right across the street!) mid morning so that we could check in with the midwives. I began having contractions that morning but they were all over the place. 5 minutes apart for an hour and then jump to 15 minutes apart. Then back to 5 minutes, then 8 minutes. I was confused. I didn't know what to do. Pike's labor went so fast that I was nervous that if we weren't close to The Birth House, we might not make it. After heading closer to The Birth House and walking around for a bit and not having anything seem to get too intense or consistent, I decided we should just go home and get some things done while we wait for labor to progress.

We got home, got the kids, tucked them in for their nap and I decided to make individual fallen cakes to have that evening in celebration of a new baby. Upon making them, I began contracting every 4-5 minutes consistently for an hour. Stephen's mom came over to watch the kids so that we could go have this baby. We checked in at The Birth House and waited. I again, assumed that labor would progress quickly at this point. With Pike, it was only a couple of hours after contractions were at this point. Not so this time. We waited. We were bored. Contractions were slightly intense but I could still talk through them. Carolee checked to see where I was at and I was only at 3 cm at 2pm. Contractions were slightly intense but I could still talk through them. This continued for a few hours at this pace. Sometimes they'd slow down to every 7-8 minutes apart and then speed up to every 3 1/2.

Around 6 pm they started getting more intense. They were consistently every 3-4 minutes. I was tired. I was hot. I was starving! (I had only eaten a little bit because I was sure I'd have a baby before I'd get hungry.) I tried laboring in the tub but every time I did, contractions would slow down and I'd get really tired. Carolee checked me again to see my progress, I was dilated 6cm. Contractions became intense and I was so ready to be done. Stephen was a wonderful support but he too was tired and starving. I continued to pace through the contractions. I was so tired though that I'd sit in between or lean on the bed a sleep for a minute.

Finally around 9 pm I decided to prop myself up on pillows and I'd sleep, and then a contraction would come and I would moan through it and then sleep again for a brief moment. I had never been so tired. While propped on all fours and sleeping in between, I felt the urge to push but my body was not yet ready for Crew to emerge. With each contraction it took everything in me to push and not push at the same time. I decided I did not want to push this baby while on all fours. It just didn't feel right. I remember not knowing what to do. I just wanted to be done but I knew that it didn't feel right so I turned to my back and continued to strain through contractions until finally, Carolee helped stretch my cervix through a contraction (that was a miserable contraction!) enough that my body was ready. I pushed for approximately 30 minutes and little Crew emerged. He came out with his hand by his face. This is most likely why it took a lot longer this time than in previous times. He also came out with his cord loosely looped around his neck and he did a 180 degree turn upon popping out. All of this may have played a part in the slower progression.

Crew Fenton Backholm, 12 hours new.

Alas! 10:30 pm on April 24th, Crew had arrived. My baby was here and healthy. I was alive (though I doubted several times during the previous hours whether that would be true by the end) and healthy. No complications. No interventions. No medications. I felt great. Stephen got us some grub from Shari's. (Nothing else was open at 11:30pm.) Crew weighed in at 6lb 6oz and 19 1/2 inches long. We left the birth center at 1:30am Wednesday morning. Exactly 24 hours after my journey began with my water breaking. I got a couple hours of sleep and was greeted bright and early at 6am with Pike toddling in and saying in his highest, sweetest voice, "hi. hi. hi." and waving about 2 inches from Crews face. When the girls ran into our room minutes after Pike, it was love at first sight. Pear has been mesmerized and will never be the same. She will sit and stare for hours and then look up at me as if she is having the time of her life, just in awe of this little baby. Jovie loves to hold baby Crew and she is a proud big sister. Stephen and I are in awe all over again at the miracle of life and the love that comes with it. Who am I to be blessed with these children? God, give me the wisdom and the grace I need to raise them up to follow hard after you.