Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

We have had so much fun in the sunshine lately. I am so glad we have all summer to enjoy it! Here are a few pictures taken this last week.
I picked up this pool for Pear and Jovie and it was well worth the few dollars it cost! Pear has spent hours going in circles up and down the slide and Jovie would spend hours in there if I'd let her.

These are pictures from Tumwater Historical Park. It is such a great park. Perfect for big kids and little kids as they have two great playgrounds. There is a huge lawn to run around on and of course the ducks are always fun to watch!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a happy Mother's Day...

Since Stephen and I both have such wonderful mothers that we like to honor on Mother's Day, and since I am now a mother, we have decided to celebrate mother's day, and father's day for that matter, the Saturday before the actual "holiday".

Stephen told me that Pear and Jovie were talking and that they wanted to take me to Cafe Besalu Saturday morning. I was thrilled of course! We made it up to Cafe Besalu and had the most delicious pastries. I've said it before, but I'll say it again, if you've not been to Cafe Besalu, you've got to go!

After enjoying the pastries we headed up to Pike Place Market to enjoy the atmosphere and the beautiful tulips. Oh, Pike's Place is gorgeous this time of year! We walked through leisurely and by the time we made it through the market, Jovie was ready to be in the car. I guess she wasn't as fond of the people as they were of her!

That nice walk through the market made us hungry. (Food in this household is the highlight of the day, therefore we eat often.) We found Eats Market in West Seattle to be good fresh food but not extraordinary. Then we browsed the area a little and stopped at Coffee to a Tea which serves Tony's organic coffee and the most delicious cupcakes and cakes. I found the quality of the cupcake to be equal if not superior to my homemade product. It was delicious!

While in the area we figured we might as well get some treats to go from Bakery Nouveau. This bakery is amazing! In a different way than Cafe Besalu. Bakery Nouveau serves fancier pastries and desserts. Their twice baked almond croissant is fantastic!

Homeward bound (with a stop at Ikea)! The girls did great! Pear didn't have any accidents (this was our first day-trip since potty training). And Jovie handled the day well. I had a blessed Mother's Day celebration.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Most watched video in our home:

Pear loves to dance. Pear loves Kung Fu Panda. So it only makes sense that Pear loves this clip. She would watch this 50 times over if I'd let her! I think it's great because I play it and she runs around the room dancing. She's actually starting to get some of the moves down. When Stephen comes home from work, this is their new routine. She requests that we watch this and that daddy dances with her.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When everyday is a bad hair day...

...it's time for a new do! Yep. I did it. I cut Jovie's hair. Jovie was beginning to have (forgive my harsh words) old man hair. It was long in spots, short in areas and even partly bald. On top of that, all of her original hair was dark brown and the new growth is blond. So, we trimmed it up! I think she's pretty proud of her new do.

Friday, May 1, 2009

the trials and tribulations of potty training

Life has been a bit crazy lately. On top of daily chores and the busyness of life with two little girls, over the last month we have (or should I say Stephen has) dug out our doorway to create an entryway and front yard, gutted and partially remodeled our main bathroom, refinanced our home and last but not least...

Sunday morning Pear woke up wearing diapers. Sunday afternoon we changed that. I had been planning on potty training a few weeks ago but something always came up. Actually, I tried potty training 2 months ago, when Pear just turned two but after 2 days of peeing on the floor and not the slightest acknowledgement from her that she knew what she was doing or expressing any excitement to wear panties or go on the potty (she was actually very stubborn and demanded that I put a diaper back on her), I threw in the towel and decided to wait a month or so. Well it had been a month or so and things weren't getting any less busy so I put Pear and Jovie in the new minivan (yes, we got a minivan much to my dismay but I LOVE IT!) and we headed over to TOYS R US to get some big girl panties and a little potty of Pear's very own. Pear was very excited to use her potty, and even more to wear her princess panties!

I decided to go cold turkey. No training pants, no turning back, this is it. Some people say this is the three day method, it took me more than three days so I'll just stick with cold turkey. So, Pear was sporting her panties and telling and showing everyone (sorry Doug and Wyatt) in our house. We sat, and sat, and sat on the potty. We read book after book. Played with toys yet, as soon as we got up or I turned my back, I'd find a puddle on the floor. You may think "oh, she just wasn't paying attention," not so. Stephen will attest to this. I have spent EVERY minute possible with her.
For my reference, I'm going to break this up a little.

Day 1: Sunday, April 26, 2009
Learning to relax on the potty and let "peeps and poops" go in the potty. How? Being with her every minute to catch her when she begins to pee and set her on the potty. I followed her everywhere, carrying her potty from room to room.
Peeps on potty=0
Poops on potty=1
Peeps on floor=3
Day 2: Monday, April 27, 2009
Still learning to relax on the potty and let "peeps and poops" go in the potty. Continuing to be with her every minute and following from room to room with potty.
Feels like NONE!
Peeps on potty=1
Poops on potty=3
Peeps on floor=5
Day 3: Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Learning to recognize the feeling before "peeps" comes. Still with her EVERY waking minute and following from room to room with potty. Now we just have to make it to the potty.
We've got the "poops" thing down. We're able to relax on the potty a little. If I catch her midstream, she'll finish the job on the potty. Granted, it's hard to put her on the potty midstream without making a disastrous mess on the floor. I am very frustrated at this point, in tears and feeling like it shouldn't be this hard.
Peeps on potty=2
Poops on potty=1
Peeps on floor=4
Day 4: Wednesday, April 29, 2009
We're able to relax on the potty, now we need to recognize the feeling and make it to the potty and learn to tell mommy that " I have to go potty".
She might be catching on, yet the next time I feel like she has no clue! I am very tired of spending every waking minute next to a little potty and not getting any housework done.
Peeps on potty=2
Poops on potty=1
Peeps on floor=3
Day 5: Thursday, April 30, 2009
She still hasn't told me when she has to go. I am still following her closely trying to catch her before she goes so that she makes it to the potty. Basically, we're are getting closer but not there yet.
We finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel! She told me once before she had to go. She made it on the potty without peeing on the floor almost every time!
Peeps on potty=4
Poops on potty=2
Peeps on floor=1
Day 6: Friday, May 1, 2009
So far, she has told me every time she has had to go (twice) and we've made it to the potty without any accidents. The potty is now staying in the same place (no longer following her around with it) and we are able to make it. I think we're potty trained!

Ahhhh. These were the hardest 5 days I have ever spent (next to the sleepless nights when Jovie was first born)! I have spent time crying, praying, venting to my mom, venting to Stephen, counting to ten in order to react in a positive way when we didn't make it to the potty again. HOURS have been spent cleaning floors and doing laundry, and DAYS, yes, literally probably 40 hours have been spent sitting next to a sweet little girl patiently waiting and trying to be a big girl.
The feelings I felt while going through this:
I don't want any more kids!
I hate this!
Why is this so darn hard?
The feelings I now feel that we're pretty much over it?
What relief!
We did it!
I can do this again.
I still want more kids.