Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Jovie and her hot chocolate.

Pear with her hot chocolate.

Trevor & Livi with Jovie & Audrey.

Jovie & Pike snuggling & reading a book.

Enjoying a brisk day playing outside.

Jovie has a hard time smiling naturally. :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm tired.

A lot has been going on. I am exhausted. Not just in the physical form of being tired, but mentally and just in general, I am exhausted.

Sleep- Ever since we transferred Pike to a big boy bed in mid November, I haven't slept through the night, nor has Pike, you might guess who's at fault here. On top of adjusting to a big boy bed and waking up and running down the hall at random hours of the night, Pike has broke 4 molars over the last 8 weeks. His darn teeth take their sweet time and cause us all grief. Oh, and besides not sleeping through the night, he wakes up between 4:30 and 5:30 every morning. Not only does he wake up at this awful hour of the day, he begs for breakfast at this hour. I hear friends say that their kids come in and snuggle and drift back to sleep at this hour. I've heard friends say that their kids wake up and play for a while in their crib. I've heard friends say that their kids wake up and cry for a while and then go back to sleep. No. Not here. I have learned to accept it and I can't wait for the day in a couple of years that I actually get to sleep through the night and sleep in until 7am! Oh, and another thing, my kids (including Pike) go to bed around 8pm. Jovie is usually the last to fall asleep and is often up until close to 9pm. If you do the math, consider that I'm awake most nights for 1-2 hours trying to get Pike to go back to sleep, I'm up by 5am and I usually don't go to bed until 10:30pm, I'm averaging 5 hours of sleep per night. I'm also pregnant and rarely have a chance to take a nap...there's no wonder I'm tired!

Mentally- I don't have to use my brain a whole lot at my job. Talking to kids, training kids, teaching the alphabet, basic math, counting and doing crafts doesn't wear me out too much. But there is something mentally wearing about being the constant go-to for all of these little whims coming from my children. "I'm hungry." "Mom! I need wiped!" "Can I have bubble gum?" "Num-num? Num-num?" "I'm bored." "Mom! I was playing with that first!" "Can we watch a movie?" "She took it from me!" "Pike's wrecking my tower!" I hear all of these phrases at least 5 times in a day. And there are many more. It's not that they are difficult to handle, it's simply that it is hard to have a focused train of thought when you are constantly interrupted and that is mentally exhausting.

And then there is my amazing husband. Stephen is such a hard worker. He comes home from his job, many days cooks dinner, plays with the kids for a bit and then works on his side jobs. And most days he manages to spend a little bit of time with me too! He really is amazing and I'm looking forward to all of his hard work to pay off in the years to come. That being said, I am exhausted by all of his hard work. I feel selfish saying so but it's the truth. He is my best friend and as such, I enjoy his company. Not only that, I don't get a ton of social interaction with adults, (other than with kids in tow and all of the above interruptions,) and so I depend on him to be my companion to talk to at the end of the day and when he is working so much, there is only so much talk that can squeeze into 15-30 minutes.

Stephen's parents are building their house across the street from us. His grandparents are building the house right next door to us. His parents should be moving in in a week or two. And his grandparents should be moving in in April. I am really excited about a lot of aspects of having them close by, (close babysitters are nice!) And I'm a little nervous about some aspects, (I'm not real outgoing and though I love people, I am not a "people" person.) Currently it's adding a little bit of chaos to my life (well, not really chaos, just a new phase) because along with all of the interruptions I have with the kids, I have been having random packages coming to the door. (Jovie now calls the UPS man the "Ding-Dong Man" because we sometimes get a couple of doorbell rings a day.) And then there are random bathroom needs as their bathrooms don't work yet and these things may or may not coincide with nap time, (which is my time to sit down and rest without kid interruptions.) None of these are big deals just little things that add to my crazy life. I am sure it will all mellow down a little when they are moved in.

Bottom line- I am blessed and tired!

Monday, January 9, 2012


I don't know how I managed to not post anything over the "most wonderful time of the year"! We had a lot of fun over the holidays. We hosted our first Thanksgiving in our new home with Stephen's family and then my family joined us for dessert. We intended it to be just our immediate family (parents and siblings) as we don't have a whole lot of furniture yet but somehow we managed to squeeze in a few extras.

At my second appointment with the midwives in the beginning of December, I was given the thought that I might be pregnant with twins. My midwives suspicions were because I was measuring big and she thought she may have heard two heartbeats. At my ultrasound two weeks later, we were relieved to find out that we have ONE healthy growing boy in my womb. We have yet to find a name for this little guy but I am so excited to have another little boy around.

I had an enjoyable birthday as my mom offered to watch the kiddos and let me take a trip with the hubby to Seattle. We browsed an antique store, ate lunch at Ray's Boathouse and purchased a (much needed) dresser from Ikea. I am 26 now! I feel so grown up.

Christmas was a whirlwind, as usual. I tried to soak it up as much as I could and I am already looking forward to next Christmas. We got the kids a wooden kitchen set from Ikea and I made a bunch of felt food to go along with it. All three of them love it! Tara and Brian flew home on Christmas Eve and spent 5 days here. I spent as much time as I could at my parents' for those few days.