Monday, March 23, 2009

A whirlwind weekend...

Do you ever feel like your weekend zoomed by at an unfair pace? Well, this weekend was definitely a whirlwind for us. We enjoyed ourselves immensely but simply can't believe it's Monday already.

On Saturday, the girls, Stephen and I started our morning off at Top Pot. I enjoyed a chocolate cake doughnut with maple glaze. Yum, it was absolutely delicious. I took my hot cocoa over and got my hair cut by Jennifer at Salon Bellezza while Stephen took the girls to Bellevue Square mall to play on the new play place (this was a real treat as we normally don't let Pear play in those disease infested areas). Then we ventured off to visit Brook and Joseph and their girls and we ended up getting to visit with Kurtis and Sasha and their girls as well! We all took a leisurely walk to the park and enjoyed visiting.
Sunday we went to Reality in the morning and then headed down to Stephen's family's house to celebrate Doug's birthday. Pear was so excited to participate in a birthday celebration. She was sure to help Doug blow out the candles. We enjoyed a delicious meal which included Stephen's Wicked Shrimp appetizer, Claire's homemade hamburger buns, Therese's blue cheese dressing (which is also spectacular as a condiment for the burgers) and homemade barbecue sauce. There was just about anything you could want for a burger topping! After indulging in a great meal, we had to top it off with a delicious marble cake made by Claire adorned with Harvest moon frosting (a favorite recipe passed down by Grandma Doris) and bittersweet chocolate drizzle. Delish!

After all of this fun, we had to stop by my family's house on our way home to squeeze in a couple of lousy games of Settlers of Catan and Stephen had to see if he could beat my brothers in Call of Duty. We visited and played games for a little while and then headed home to get some rest before the work week appeared much too early this morning.

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KAMILLE said...

Little miss Jovie is too cute. I'm glad you had a fun weekend and that you had some time to yourself.