Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a happy Mother's Day...

Since Stephen and I both have such wonderful mothers that we like to honor on Mother's Day, and since I am now a mother, we have decided to celebrate mother's day, and father's day for that matter, the Saturday before the actual "holiday".

Stephen told me that Pear and Jovie were talking and that they wanted to take me to Cafe Besalu Saturday morning. I was thrilled of course! We made it up to Cafe Besalu and had the most delicious pastries. I've said it before, but I'll say it again, if you've not been to Cafe Besalu, you've got to go!

After enjoying the pastries we headed up to Pike Place Market to enjoy the atmosphere and the beautiful tulips. Oh, Pike's Place is gorgeous this time of year! We walked through leisurely and by the time we made it through the market, Jovie was ready to be in the car. I guess she wasn't as fond of the people as they were of her!

That nice walk through the market made us hungry. (Food in this household is the highlight of the day, therefore we eat often.) We found Eats Market in West Seattle to be good fresh food but not extraordinary. Then we browsed the area a little and stopped at Coffee to a Tea which serves Tony's organic coffee and the most delicious cupcakes and cakes. I found the quality of the cupcake to be equal if not superior to my homemade product. It was delicious!

While in the area we figured we might as well get some treats to go from Bakery Nouveau. This bakery is amazing! In a different way than Cafe Besalu. Bakery Nouveau serves fancier pastries and desserts. Their twice baked almond croissant is fantastic!

Homeward bound (with a stop at Ikea)! The girls did great! Pear didn't have any accidents (this was our first day-trip since potty training). And Jovie handled the day well. I had a blessed Mother's Day celebration.


KAMILLE said...

How fun! I sure wish we lived closer to one another, because so many things you enjoy are same for me. We went to Bellingham's Farmer Market day before Mother's Day, because Ben obliged to go with me (he even suggested it) since it was my weekend. I'll have to check out those other places you mentioned. I'm so glad you got to treat yourself to Cafe Besalu and those new spots. Is Jovie beginning to have some stranger danger? I think Cadence is a bit.Good job Pear!