Friday, August 28, 2009

a trip to Victoria

Earlier this summer, our men went hiking/camping for a guys getaway. Ever since, us girls have wanted to have a girls getaway and my sister, Tara, made it happen. This last weekend we took the ferry from Port Angeles, WA over to Victoria, BC. Although the trip was in no way relaxing for me with a very mobile 10 month old who is very vocal and screams (not cries, just screams) for everything she wants, it was a lot of fun.

Our girls' weekend consisted of exactly what it should have: pedicures, face masks, coffees, good food, shopping, movies, late nights talking, and lots of laughing. It also consisted of some things that I would recommend you try to avoid on a girls' weekend: middle of the night wakings by a screaming baby, 5:30 am alarm crawling on top of you, spending an entire movie in the theater lobby due to a noisy baby, leaving every meal at a restaurant early due to a food loving baby who screams between bites.

This is my mom. And yes, she is squishing her face against the window on the ferry. She gets so silly when she is getting away! She really made the trip.

Our hotel, the famous Fairmont Empress.

Delicious Fish & Chips from Red Fish Blue Fish on the Inner Harbor waterfront.

This is across the street from our hotel, we stood here for a while people watching and listening to the band pictured above play some fun tunes and have a good time.

In the garden of the Fairmont Empress

Can you tell that I adore her?

Our beautiful toes after our pedicures.

At The Keg, enjoying dinner. The noses- my mom's funny side coming out.

Me and my adorable sister, Piper, enjoying some stylish glasses we found.

I think this was my favorite meal on the trip. Blue Fox cafe, breakfast.

Jovie, enjoying the noses. Maybe she'll have my mom's sense of humor.

This is us, the majority of the trip, walking, talking and me taking pictures.

Face masks. We attempted to go down to the lobby to get something for my mom with our masks on, however, we chickened out in the elevator.

The girls. From left to right: Aspen, my mom, Piper, Tara and Rebecca.


Disney said...

Oh I'm so happy (and a little jealous!) that you got to enjoy a trip like that!! I've always thought it would be so fun to do a girls' trip. Even with a 10 month-old!

Piper said...

That was a BLAST! =) =)
I love all the pics! =) Very fun! ;-)