Thursday, September 3, 2009

a sweet girl

New word: If you've spent any amount of time with Pear you know that when she says "kay" it means yes. Well, no longer. When she approves of something or answers a question, you'll hear a "zzzyeah".

Funny thing said today: Pear walked up to me proudly with a band aid wrapped around her thumb (a band aid job that looked like it was done by a two year old). "Look mom, I got a band aid." I replied, "did you put that on by yourself?" Pear, "zzzyeah." Me, "good job!" She then went on to look at the band aid all stuck together in the wrong places and noticed it wasn't really staying on her thumb very well. "Mom, this band aid is dead. I need a different one."

Favorite Food: Other than dessert, Pear likes "macarongi" (macaroni & cheese) or "pancetes" (pancakes).

What she would love to do at any given moment: go to "the girls" house (Taffi & Libbi's, also known as my parent's).

Where we're at potty training: Still struggling. She makes it to the potty most of the time for peeps but that is still counting on me reminding her...constantly. And we made it to the potty for poops today for the first time in a while.

Article of clothing that gets the most wear: Jammies. Kitty jammies, princess jammies and Dora jammies. Oh, yeah. They're going to be remembered. We change into a fresh pair before bed, change into another pair after breakfast. Get dressed to run errands. Come home and put the jammies back on. Jammies are Pear's staple.

Education: Pear can say her ABC's and count to 13. Colors are hit and miss. I wonder if she's colorblind. Stephen thinks I'm hysterical.

Her status as a sister: She loves Jovie most of the time...however she does not like Jovie to play or EAT her toys. She can be very sweet and she can be very saucy.

All of this to say, Pear is really growing up. It is so much fun to carry a conversation with her. She is very talkative. Pear makes us laugh all the time. I need to record her as she comes up with the silliest things. She is also in her "trying twos" and is testing my limits. I have so much fun with her though. I love my sweet Pear.


Disney said...

SO adorable!! "Mom, this band aid is dead..." I love that!!
It sounds like Paige and Pear are in similar places right now! Paige is really enjoying testing limits (and has decided to give up all sleeping, ugh!), but it's so sweet to talk with her and listen to her sing the alphabet and pray. Little girls are so fun!

The Gardner Family said...

I love how you said the "trying twos!" I find it very annoying and rather rude when people label their kids brats and going through the terrible twos! Kids are learning and growing and its hard for them to change into each season. Why not be optimistic or just not claim its gonna be terrible, why not hope for the best! Great perspective!!

KAMILLE said...

I like her comment on the bandaid being dead and her new exclamation. I just love the new exclamations that come out of their mouths at this stage. And where did they come up with them?

Veronica shows some similarities with Pear and some differences. As for potty training she typically needs to be reminded to go. When she is telling me there are typically some damp spots. Veronica doesn't know her ABC's or that many numbers, but her colors are pretty good. And I would agree with Stephen on the hysterical, but I can relate with you as well. I realized when Ben and I were teaching Veronica's Sunday School class that all the kids wanted to sing ABC's except Veronica, because we don't sing it. Does that sound terrible? I sing so many other songs, but forgot about that one...OOPS!

Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to say thanks for your comment today. Yes it would be so much fun if we lived closer and I've been thinking about you and your family lately with the same thoughts. Glad to know we can keep up via blogging world!

someonefamiliar said...

love the sweet and funny things they say! everyday is so much fun and entertaining, i am always laughing!
you are blessed with such lovely girls, i am so thankful to have at least one... although two would be twice as much fun! (: