Monday, June 21, 2010

a new record

Last Wednesday marked two things: Pike Henry turned 4 weeks old and Stephen set a new record. I was clueless that Stephen was embarking to set a record but somehow, he managed to do it without my help. It all began the day Pike was born. That first time he pooed, Stephen said "oh, here, you can change him. It's a great bonding time." I smiled as he came up with a cunning way to say that he didn't want to change his diaper. This is where the new record comes in. It was my turn to get out of the house. I picked Pike up after he woke from his nap and I knew his pants were messy. But, rather than changing him, I decided to feed him. So, I fed him. Then I put on my shoes, grabbed the keys and said, "I'm leaving, I'll be back in an hour! Oh, and Pike's poopy." To which Stephen responded, "Aw, really? Don't you want to change him before you go?" "No." I said, "The clocks ticking and I only have so much time before I have to be back to feed him again, you can do it." It wasn't until the next day that I found out about this new record. Stephen told me that he made it 4 weeks without changing a poopy diaper from Pike. It wasn't until I declined changing the poopy diaper which forced him to do it. That was his new record. I changed Pikes diaper- all 8 times a day, 7 days a week. This includes the days Stephen was home after Pike was born. It includes the days the following week that Stephen only worked half-days. It includes the 2 or 3 times in the middle of the night while Stephen sawed logs. Until last Wednesday. 4 weeks! That is a little over 200 poopy diapers that I changed and that he didn't. What a turkey!


jacquelyn said...

Paige that is hillarious.. I mean unfair! Justin and I usually do "paper, rock, scissors" to see who is the "lucky" one. (:
I am so anxious for the day Valen figures this whole potty business out! He is not interested and I am so beyond done changing nasty poopy-ness from a THREE YEAR OLD!! (:

Cassie said...

And isn't it funny how you didn't really notice too much? Nathan was really good at changing diapers at first, now he is really good at avoiding it, but I hardly notice anymore 'cause I just do it before he even has a chance to deal with it.
Not nice of him to make a record of it, though, goodness!

Emily P. said...

After awhile all the diaper changes just seem to blur together. I'm sure that's why you hadn't noticed.

Disney said...

You were in Yakima last weekend?! So was I! That just kills me, I would have LOVED to see you guys!