Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dodging bullets.

Today, I encountered one of my greatest fears. As a mother, you make many sacrifices. Today I made one that goes down in the books...for me anyways. To set the scene, I am 31 weeks pregnant. I have my hands full. Every outing is an adventure. While walking out of Target today, as usual, I had Pike in the cart, Jovie hanging onto one of my pockets and Pear hanging on the side of the cart. We looked both ways for cars and began to cross the street. Halfway through the intersection I felt a warm splat on my head and it went all the way down my arm. Yes, a stupid seagull got me and all because I couldn't dodge his bullet! I couldn't run and leave my kids stranded in the middle of the intersection.

So there I stood, disgusted with big white doo dripping down my arm. I looked down and saw that it managed to not only get my hair and my arm but also on my purse and the inside of my purse. At the car (after making a fool of myself by my frantic disgust) I pulled out the baby wipes and began to clean up but the baby wipe did not suffice cleaning my hair. Going through the drive-thru on our way home I noticed that somehow the doo even got in my wallet. This was massive bird doo. GROSS!

So, though you may have had reason to laugh in the past as I ducked or dodged away from birds EVERYWHERE, I am now justified for my fear. They have no social etiquette. And for some reason, my full head of hair must be a good target. And, as Pear told me when we got in the car, "mom, now we need to look both ways for cars and look up for birds when we cross the street."


Disney said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! That's like from a horror film or something. I'm so sorry you had to experience that. At least you and the kids will have something to laugh at down the road? :o)

jacquelyn said...

That sounds so awful! any sort of poop would be nauseating! Honestly I never even think about birds pooping on me, but I sure will now! (: so adorable how Pear suggested looking up too now, good thinking! or wear a hat! (:

Kamille said...

freshmen year of high school just after moving to California walking in the open air campus and splat on my arm--seagull as well. I get it and your story sounds much worse than mine. Yuck indeed!