Friday, February 14, 2014

Why 5 kids are better

4 kids seems like a happy number. Especially considering we have 2 boys, and 2 girls. What more could I ask for? I mean, I have it made, I go to the store, people see me frantic and less than put together, I HAVE 4 KIDS, no excuses needed! I stay home for more than a month, I HAVE 4 KIDS, perfectly understandable. My house is a mess, I HAVE 4 KIDS, enough said. There is no middle child. 4 kids means we always have a party. I didn't get dinner on the table, again, I HAVE 4 KIDS, time for take-out!

Yet still, part of me thinks there are plenty of reasons why 5 kids might just be better than 4.

1. All of the above statements regarding having 4 kids, still ring true with 5

2. When the kids vote on things, there has got to be a tie-breaker, how else will we be able to decide whether to eat at McDonalds or Taco Bell? Or whether to watch Star Wars or Cinderella?

3. I have been blessed with 4 children. Each one has brought joy and laughter and each one has brought challenges which have caused me to learn and grow. I can't say that any one child has brought any depression or misery, (I'd be lying if I didn't say there have been moments of depression or misery but they all fade in comparison to the joys.) If each child can bring so much joy and cause my heart to get that much bigger and cause me to grow that much more, why would I NOT want such a blessing?

4. Our 7 passenger van is crying out to be filled, there is 1 seat left, who will claim it?

5. I truly think it is a gift, especially for a girl, to have a baby sibling when she is between the age of 5-10. I have 2 girls in that age range. Think about it, a real live baby doll, that smells good, coddles and coos, you can dress and most of all, you have a love and bond that you will never out-grow.

6. I am already doing all of the work, (cooking, cleaning, schooling, wiping bums,) what's 1 more?

7. Imagine spending Christmas with 1 or 2 kids, well, with 5 kids it is that much more fun! And when they are grown, you are bound to always have at least a couple of them home for the holidays and when they all gather, party on!

8. When there are more kids, there are more messes and more needs which in turn leads to kids being guided into helping the family out and becoming less selfish. It's a given. (And yes, I feel this is a good thing.)

9. What a joy to be able to share God's love with another soul.

10. If God forms a baby in my inmost being and chooses a destiny for him/her, who am I to say he picked the wrong mother?

All of this leads me to say, #5 is on the way and I couldn't be more thrilled!


jacquelyn said...

You are blessed! Sounds like a wonderful life! Congratulations!! You both are wonderful parents, this child will be so loved and cherished.

bug said...

Wow Paige, I am so excited for you and absolutely love this post! I am fully convinced that 5 is your number :) Such a sweet way to share. Congratulations!