Saturday, June 7, 2014

It's the garage door's fault.

I don't know why I post stuff like this. I guess I'm not ashamed of doing stupid things. I guess I also like to laugh. So here's a free one for you. Because, well, I think some of the best memories are made through laughter.

I drive a mini-van. I never wanted to. But I do. And I'm cool with it because it means I also carry some pretty great cargo. I mean 4 (soon to be 5) beautiful little faces that sing at the top of their lungs, talk 100mph (all at the same time mind you,) kick the backs of the seats and wipe their boogies on the arm rests, it's pretty great. They are all in car seats too. It's the law.

Getting into the car is a task that takes an adult a swift 60 seconds. Usually an adult has time to put their shades on, maybe even some lipstick, before heading out the driveway. I'm lucky if we can do it in 5 minutes. Somebody always forgets to go potty, can't find their shoes, decides jumping on the seats is much more fun than getting buckled and so it goes. There are no shades and there is no lipstick. Actually, as I'm driving down the road, I end up dumping my purse out to grab a mint or a piece of gum because I forgot to brush my teeth that morning. This is the reality I call life.

Our garage door is new. I mean the house was only built 3 years ago. But for some reason, it opens incredibly slow. We have a button inside our van that is programmed to open the garage door. I never use it when parked in the garage because we also have a button to open the trunk and they are fairly close together and I have a great fear that I will press the wrong one and then the van trunk will be crushed. So, I always use the clicker that is mounted on the wall in our garage to open the door. Well, one day, on my way headed out to do errands (BY MYSELF!!!) I pressed the clicker to open the garage door. I got in the van, started the engine, put on my shades and proceeded to back out. Crunch. The garage door was only half way up. Bummer. Dent in the garage door. Scratch on the van. That's pretty stupid right? I mean who backs into their garage door from the inside?! Obviously me. But what's more stupid...I did it again...a week later. I will have you know, our garage door did have issues. It was not normal for it to open that slow and after the second time of me backing into it, we decided it was time to get it fixed. I haven't had any more incidents. And it's only a little dent and a little scratch. But try explaining that one to your husband..."ummm, I backed into the garage door. It was just taking too long to open so I thought I'd push my way out!" And then a week later...."ummm. I did it again. I backed into the garage door, again."

All this to say, having it take a long time to load into the car isn't such a bad thing. At least you always know that the garage door will be completely open by the time you get in.


jacquelyn said...

That is so funny! (: I could see myself doing the exact thing!! (: Happy to hear it is fixed now and the damage was minor.

Machelle Ledoux said...

Okay, that's funny. Years ago, my dad did it too, but he did it in a Suburban 3 times in a month. Mind, this was after he was irked that my mom did it once in her station wagon, several months before. Good luck with the new door, at least you know that this one will be safer and faster!

Machelle Ledoux @ Total Garage Repair

Giovanni said...

That's pretty funny, especially since something similar happened to me the other day. I closed the car in the middle while I was closing it from the inside. It was an absolute nightmare! Thankfully, we were able to find a new garage door. Now, I just have to remember to be careful next time!

Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware