Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Part of me doesn't want to document life right now. I want aspects of this season to be gone and never to remember them again. And yet there are aspects that I want to freeze and savor the moments forever. Because of this, for today, I am only writing about the aspects I want to bottle up and give away so that others can get the warm fuzzy feelings they give me.

Things I love:

The way Pear can make Hazel smile and laugh. Pear has a special touch, it's either her face or her voice that can instantly make Hazel happy. It is a joy to watch.

When I ask Crew, "would you like to read a book with me?" And he responds, "yeah, of course." And after that, I ask, "would you like a snack?" And he again responds, "yeah, of course." Yes isn't in his vocabulary, instead it is, "yeah, of course."

How excited Pike gets when he's talking about a Lego set or a funny part in a movie or any number of things. His excitement sometimes makes me laugh. And I am trying to be a good listener and engage with him and not just say, "oh, really?" But really take an interest and talk about what it is that excites him. When I do, I am not disappointed. He is fun with a capital f.

How Hazel wakes up smiley and talking in her most adorable tone and just tells me how much she loves me. I know that's what she's saying. ;)

How Jovie is such a little homemaker and mommy. Always looking for something to do or some way to help. And then she always says "you're welcome for holding Hazel," before I even uttered thank you. She is like her momma, and words are important to her.

I don't think Stephen knows how happy my heart gets when he plays "fight" with the boys. Or when he lets the girls help him in the kitchen. Or when I come home from the store to see all of them squished on one couch cushion watching the Food Network. He is a joy in my life. I couldn't do this without him and I wouldn't want to anyway.

I love my big family. And I'm thankful they love me.


bug said...

Well now I'm all warm and fuzzy :)

Thanks for sharing all the beauty and light you see despite the darkness of this season. You're a good example, Paige.

jacquelyn said...

Good to see your blog today! Thanks for sharing. What a sweet family. I love how you are savoring those things even in the dark times. Praying for you all.