Saturday, February 21, 2015

"Love you. Have fun!" Those were the last words my dad spoke to me. I had been visiting that Friday morning and the afternoon rolled around and I packed up the boys and said, "we're leaving dad. Love you!" He grabbed my hand, looked me in the eyes and said, "Love you. Have fun!" I had a feeling at that moment that those were the last words I'd be hearing from him. After I got home, I sat down to write my dad a note to describe how much I love him. My dad had been having a hard time reading over the last few days so I recorded my letter and sent it over for him to listen to. My mom said he was coherent when she played it for him that evening. He laughed and he cried. Here is the recording: 

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jacquelyn said...

Paige, tears are falling. that was beautiful and I am so glad he was able to hear you say those words. You are so incredibly blessed to have a father like that. I admire and envy you. Fathers are so important.
I look forward to seeing you.