Monday, April 13, 2015

It's been two months. It feels like years. It's hard without you, dad. I will often think of something that I want to tell you and I wish so badly I could call you or even text you and hear your response.

I cleaned out the car a couple of weeks ago. We found so many special rocks that the kids picked out of your rock bowl. The kids and I will treasure them forever.

Hazel is scooting around everywhere. She uses her toes and inches along like a worm. She gets where she wants to go though.

I fixed the freezer, AGAIN. You'd be proud.

We are almost caught up on the books and the taxes. I kind of have fun bookkeeping. I never really realized it until I started doing them again.

We are getting ready to list our house. Once it sells, we will rent until we are ready to build that dream house we showed you. We may even do it on that property, I know you saw the vision with that property. You were actually the one that sealed the deal and really inspired us that it could be what we wanted. If it's meant for us, it'll still be available when we're ready.

The kids miss you. We were making cards for out-of-town family the other day and as we were discussing who we should make cards for Pike said, "and one for Pappy! 'cuz he moved." When I asked where you moved to, he responded, "to heaven."

We watched Interstellar a couple of nights ago. You'd find it interesting. It got me thinking about time and how different it must be for you and for God compared to us here. One day we'll all be on the same page. But for now, we don't understand.

You have inspired me to be compassionate. To be kind to others. And to enjoy the simple things in life and say yes more. I'm trying to enjoy my family, my kids, and make memories. You lived and enjoyed life and I'm trying to do the same.

Love you, dad.

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