Friday, May 23, 2008

Animal sounds and more...

Pear has been reciting her animal sounds for a few weeks now and I finally got it on video. She has been talking a lot more over the last couple of days and she said her first sentence today. At lunch I gave her some cheese, she ate it all and said "more, more, more," she then paused and said "more cheese." She also can count to three. And she will tell you how old she is as well as hold the one finger up.

Stephen and I enjoy Pear so much. We can't wait to have another one to enjoy! By the way, we only have 5 months to go!



Wow how advanced--I'm sure that's also what all her grandparents are saying. She does such a great job making the animal sounds. I can tell by watching the video how thoughtful she is. Good job Pear!

The Amber Canary said...

Nice work Paige! I'm so glad you captured this on film, I really enjoyed it. She is such a sweet girl- I agree with Kamille's comment about thoughtful she seems. She'll be a rocket scientist!