Monday, November 10, 2008

How Pear keeps busy:

Pear is such a great big sister and a wonderful daughter. Yes, she does demand attention and requires much parental supervision but she is adjusting to this new life with a sister very well. We have been learning all sorts of ways to keep her busy and to help me out with household chores and such. She helps me unload the dishwasher; she pulls the plates out almost faster than I can stack them. She helps me make dinner by either mixing, stuffing garlic in the press, keep an eye on the Kitchenaid or any other way we can figure out for her to help. Folding clothes has never taken so long!

She takes a bath, while I shower, (we have both a bath and a separate shower in the bathroom.) We try to squeeze this in while Jovie naps.

We have discovered stickers! I bought a book of 1000 stickers several days ago for a couple of dollars and I think it was the most well spent couple of dollars I've ever spent! Pear has a blast and is entertained for quite a while. She peels the stickers off the sheet and sticks them anywhere she sees fit.

Books have always been Pear's favorite pass-time. It continues to be our favorite resource for learning and entertaining. She enjoys looking at the animals in this book and she can now identify and say the names of panda bears, flamingos, penguins, camels, snakes, eagles, wolves, polar bears, parrots and more exotic animals!

Eating. Could you be in our family and not enjoy food? Pear is a picky eater but that's not to say she doesn't enjoy food! My parents are always commenting on how much she can eat when she wants to. One of her favorite things to eat is macaroni and cheese, also know as "Rongi."

And finally, here is her horse. His name is Mac just like my family's horse. He actually looks more like Ringo, my parent's other horse but Pear favors Mac, their palomino so she named her horse Mac. She makes sure to give her horse plenty of exercise. I see her riding at least once a day.


KAMILLE said...

She's a cutie as always. I think you're doing a great job as a mother (constant juggling act). I was just thinking that I would buy some stickers as well, b/c Veronica likes them a bunch.

Rebecca said...

The picture of her in the bath brings back memories... my parents bath tub was that color when I was younger.

She's funny with those stickers!