Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Must Haves For New Moms

As a new mom for the second time, I feel I'm beginning to understand which luxuries I need for mothering. If you are looking for a great baby shower gift or if you're expecting and want some tips on items that will make your life easier as a mom, look no further!

1. Nursing Cover by Hooter Hiders
This has saved me countless embarrassing moments. It is stylish, comfortable and very practical.

2. Baby Sling by Hotslings

I have this sling in black and it is comfortable, trendy and not a monstrosity when you wear it. I love it!

3. Baby Blanket by Dust Bunnies

A friend bought one of these blankets (different design) for Pear and it was the most practical blanket while still being gorgeous and oh so soft and comfy. It washes up perfectly and wraps around the baby like a glove. I've vowed to get every one of my children one.

4. BabyLegs
I discovered BabyLegs when Pear was only a few months old. I instantly fell in love with them! They are so cute and practical. Beyond that, she has worn them now for a year and half and they still have lots of life and they'll fit her for a few more years!

5. Butt Paste by Boudreaux's

My mom has nine children and has handled countless diaper rashes. She says this is the way to go. I've tried it and proved she's right.

6. Swaddling Receiving Blankets

Nice receiving blankets for swaddling are a must. Something about being wrapped up tight in a nice soft blanket is soothing for a baby.

7. Colic Calm

Everybody has a gassy baby at some point or another. I don't know why more people don't know about gripe water. It was a life-saver for us with Pear. I haven't had to use it yet with Jovie but I have it on hand just in case!

8. Secrets of the Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg

This is my favorite baby guide book. I've read On Becoming Babywise, Dr. Sears' books and The Happiest Baby on the Block. This one fits my lifestyle best! I highly recommend reading it, if for no other reason, simply to help you understand your baby better.

9. Rocking Chair
Stephen's grandparents gave us a rocker when we had Pear. What a blessing! I probably wouldn't have bought one otherwise but now I know, don't try to go without one. When you're too tired to walk or need a comfy spot to nurse, the rocker is there.

10. Infant Bouncer
When you have to go to the bathroom, finish making that cake you started or anything else you might need to do and you need to put that precious baby down, this is a good spot.


Rhianna said...

I agree!
I am loving the Baby Whisperer. I had adapted so much of the Babywise routine, but wasn't using some of the concepts.... this actually completes the picture. I really like it. The Babywise mom blog incorporates a lot of the Baby Whisperer stuff, so I had been usng a lot of her techniques... glad I have th book now!
I am also in love with babylegs! Mayah has 3 right now, always excited to get more. I am so happy they stay on her now, they fit great and look so cute! :)

The Gardner Family said...

I am a huge fan of #1, 9, 10, there are some things that a woman just has to have to make easier. Hope things are going terrific with Jovie added into the family. Hope you are enjoying eating anything you want now, such a joy especially while nursing too :)

Emily P. said...

Love your post. I think I have almost all of them. I do however need to order myself the Baby Whisperer, and have it shipped over here. Everyone just raves about it. I guess you were the icing on the cake. :o)