Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pear and Jovie

These girls are sure getting big! Pear is talking more and more. She is now using complete sentences. Jovie is talking a lot as well but not in complete sentences yet. Actually, we are still working on words with her.

Jovie is sleeping better. She still isn't "a sleeper." But at least she does give me a 5 hour stretch at night. She is growing like a weed and at 2 months is about the size Pear was at 5 months!

All three of us are tired of the rain. It makes getting out of the house almost impossible. To go to the grocery store on a day like today requires me to stand out in the rain and unbuckle Pear, carry her over to Jovie's side of the car, detach the carseat, grab my purse and run with the carseat in one hand, my purse and Pear in the other. All of this so that I can get a few necessities and repeat the process going back out to the car! Yuck. I am drenched to the core by the time I get home.


Piper said...
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Piper said...

I love the pictures of Pear and Jovie

KAMILLE said...

I know the whole doing errands thing makes it more complicated with two than one. I was telling Ben that I really have to be purposeful in my day and can't have as much spontaneity due to the timing of naps, eating, etc. The girls are two cute. They do look alike, but they also look different. What do you think about them looking like each other?