Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We have been enjoying life on a budget. We are living a very fun and lavish life within reason. You know you're doing good when you hear this:
Pear: "Mom, we need to buy bandaids because we don't have any and I have a scratch."
Me: "Yes Pear. We do need to buy bandaids."
Pear: "Last time, we didn't buy them because I got a dress instead. Today we can take the dress back and get bandaids instead!"


The Gardner Family said...

That was hilarious!

someonefamiliar said...

so cute! she must love bandaids! (: actually both dahlia and valen are obsessed with bandaids and will mark themselves on purpose and then come and show me and tell me to put a bandaid on them. they are always jealous when i have one on. kids are so funny.