Thursday, October 8, 2009

treasured moments...

It's nap time-both girls are sleeping and it's time for me to take a breath and enjoy being me but all that I can think about is how happy I am and all of the little things my girls do that make me just that.

I love the way that Jovie snuggles on my shoulder and refuses to let anyone else hold her.

I enjoy the way that Pear simply says, "I love you too, mom."

I laugh at how excited Jovie gets when she sees a cookie in the corner of her eye.

I smile when I hear Pear say in frustration, "oh, dane-it."

I light up and can't help but join Jovie as she dances a little jig to any music she hears.

I am proud that Pear is 100% girl and pretends to be one of many different imaginary princesses throughout the day.

I love that I can see Jovie's smile through her eyes.

I am smiling as I type because I hear Pear singing a song about her birthday (not until February, mind you) as she's slowly waking from her nap.

Unfortunately, Jovie isn't waking up quite as happy and my duty as mother has returned!


Larissa Wardrip said...

I think it's important, as moms, to remember the things we love about our children because it's all to easy to get caught up in how much trouble they are! You're girls are sweet!! "Dane-it" is my favorite!! How funny! =)

Anonymous said...

ditto to what Larissa said. I was thinking about how you mentioned Pear likes to play imaginary princesses and it affirms my thought that Pear & Veronica are two peas in a pod with their wild imaginations and playing out the scenes verbally as they see them in their mind.

Disney said...

Oh I laughed at this post so much I almost cried! What sweet little girls.