Saturday, May 15, 2010

All about Pear

Pear is nearly 3 1/2 years old! It's crazy to think how time flies. I just wanted to write a little about where she's at in life. Let's see...she is sooooo "excik-ed" for baby Pike to come. This consumes about 25% of her daily conversation, which is saying something because Pear can talk your ears off! She still thinks I'm silly for thinking he'll have blond hair and she still thinks he'll have black hair. I think she's most excited to change his diapers. I wonder if that'll change once she sees the reality of it.

Her favorite thing to do is play "pretend". This means that she comes up to me and says, "mommy, how about you're the little girl and I'm the mommy." To which I reply, "okay." She then proceeds to name me, usually Flower or Lollipop. Jovie is always MY little sister. And if I forget, Pear is sure to remind me who's who. We go through daily routines such as breakfast, lunch and dinner time where she cooks me food, reading books, playing on the slide, and my favorite- nap time. We have worked a lot over the last couple of months to cease the whiny responses when we ask Pear to do something that she doesn't want to do, such as, me saying, "Pear, it's time to take a nap." For a while, she would respond whining with a "I don't want to take a nap!" Or the times when I'd ask her to put her shoes away and she would whine back, "but mom, I'm too tired." We've explained the correct way to respond is, "yes mommy," or "okay mom." So now, she tests me as we play pretend. I'll ask her (as she is the mommy) "will you read me a book before nap?" and just to hear me respond to her, she'll say "no books today Flower," to which I always respond, "okay mommy." It's fun to watch her facial expressions and how much fun she has being the mommy.

Pear is constantly dreaming of her next birthday. I'm pretty sure her birthday is her favorite day of the year (takes after her momma!) and she is daily changing the color of frosting on her cake or what "kind" of birthday she'll have. She is also constantly aspiring to be "bigger than Aspen." And is excited to be 4 years old, and then 5 years old... etc.

Her daily attire of choice is still jammies. She'll wear her jammies ALL day if I let her. She'll change from one pair to another every couple of hours and usually by the end of the day, we end up in the same ones we started with. I do make her get dressed when we go out (which is not very often of late) and then her attire of choice would be a dress or skirt. She dislikes pants, especially jeans.

As far as Pear's relationship with Jovie, it's still not quite the "best of friends" relationship I'd hoped for. Don't get me wrong, she loves Jovie and Jovie loves her but they DO NOT play well together. It is our constant struggle. It seems every time I walk out of the room, one of them is screaming because the other one took something or wants something or hit her or pulled hair or...the list goes on! When the girls are separate, they are angels, but together, my goodness! We are working on this. We are working on changing the heart issues so that they desire to share, be kind, love each other and play nicely together. The love is there but so is a great deal of selfishness.

I love my Pretty Little Pear to pieces and am so thankful to be blessed with such a fun, smart, imaginative, beautiful little girl!


Morgan Olson said...

She is so gorgeous!!

Emily P. said...

It must be so much fun to have girls. What a different world from what I'm used to. It's for sure going to be interesting reading your blogs once Pike comes along. We're very excited for you!

jacquelyn said...

she is so sweet! I do have to tell you Dahlia talks about Pear very often! I don't think she will ever forget the tea party! dahlia is a lot like Pear in some ways... ALWAYS pretending! and the birthday thing. Dahlia is constantly talking about how she will be 5 years old soon and then 6 and so on. and I keep telling her NO, don't get any bigger!! (: and she says "silly moomma!"
But I pray for you Paige, siblings at those ages who fight can be so overwhelming! especially with a new baby coming. Grace and peace and patience to you!! And love and gentleness to Pear and Jovie!!

Piper Hope said...

Love the picture of Pear!

Disney said...

Thanks for posting this, Paige, it was SO fun to read! Pear is hilarious. "No books today, Flower!" I can't wait for that kind of thing!