Thursday, May 13, 2010

Little angel???

By looking at this picture, you just might think so. I'm almost convinced. And then I see something like this:
And it makes me think again. Yes. She is a little angel. Do you see the dust pan and sweeper? That's what I see when I look at this. This little girl was being a little girl and exploring. She made a mess and wanted to fix it...for me. She loves me and I LOVE HER!

With that in mind, I don't always see it this way. And at times I wonder if she's out to make my life a ton of work or if she really does love me. In the end, I know she is a wonderful little blessing in my life, she loves me and she is making me a better person- messes and all!

Another side note: This happened during my 10 minutes of sanity- a shower by myself! And yes, I do think it was worth it. And no, I didn't do anything about the bag of flour in the cupboard. And yes, she got into it again about an hour later while I was attempting to dry my hair! Is she still a little angel? Let me enjoy this time while she's sleeping and I'm pretty sure I'll think so when she wakes up.


jacquelyn said...

It is so crazy how at that age they are so amazingly sweet and cute BUT at the same time on the lookout for trouble!! Valen was the same way and I kept the kitchen blocked until he was a little over 2 years old and even after then I wished I had a gate!
have you tried putting her in her crib with music and books or something while you shower? or a pack n play in the hallway with the bathroom door open? I would put the gate up and take baths when Valen was little... they would both just stand there and talk or whine to worked for a while.
Even dahlia at 4 years old can be so sweet and such a joy a lot of the time BUT then there is times that she is SOOO devious and blows my mind!

Tara said...

The broom and dust pan make this picture so sweet. I love your girls!