Monday, September 20, 2010

4 months

My little Pike is already 4 months old. Time has flown by since that May day that he was born. It feels as though we jumped right past summer, (oh wait, that's because this year in Western Washington, that's basically what we did!)

Pike continues to be what I would call an angel baby. He is almost always happy. He takes one solid (1-2 hour) nap every day along with a couple 45 minute naps. He eats well. Plays well. He'll lay on his tummy. He'll sit in his chair. He's good in the car (most of the time.) He's just a dream! Sometimes I feel bad for him because he's so good. I guess I've just never had a baby like him. I've never before been able to make dinner while the baby sits in the Bumbo and watches. I feel bad because he's content for 45 minutes in his chair! Pear would cry the minute I sat her down and Jovie would last maybe 15-20 minutes max. Pike, you are a dude!

I am loving life. I love having three adorable kids. I love having a little boy.


McFamily said...

I hope that God blesses me with a baby that easy :)

Aren't boys fun? I was nervous for a boy,but now that I have one,I almost can't imagine having a girl...!

Kamille Corrina said...

Paige you deserve to have an angel baby--it's God's grace for you right now. I like your statement about summer flying by in WA (because where did it go & September is no better when it typically is). Love to you & your beautiful family!

The Gardner Family said...

So glad you are having so much fun with Pike!!

jacquelyn said...

paige, that is so wonderful to hear that he is an angel baby!
I agree with the above comment... I also was nervous for a boy, but Valen is so amazing I couldn't imagine my life not having been blessed by him! boys are wonderful just in different ways that girls!
happy birthday little Pike!

Claire said...

What a cutie :)