Thursday, September 23, 2010

You're mom, not Bob!

This morning, on our way to get doughnuts at 6:30 am, Pear came to a revelation: "Mom, I think I'm all better now because now I call you mom, not Bob!" Pear has been fighting a cold over the last couple of days. Let me tell you, she DOES NOT deal with colds well. Picture a whiny little girl that sneezes and starts screaming hysterically, "my nose, my nose!" Then she frantically goes for the nearest blanket, t-shirt or tissue and wipes her face aggressively. All night long, every 30 minutes she wakes crying due to a plugged nose, sore throat or cough, I'm not talking about whimpering or whining, no, she is full out wailing and waking the whole house with her. You'd think she were seriously ill but no, it's just a cold. All day yesterday she complained, "momb I can't say momb, I keep calling you Bob! My nose is plugged." Anyway, she appears to be better and I am back to being mom, not Bob.

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