Sunday, October 31, 2010

The long awaited Care Bear Birthday!

Jovie is now 2. She has been waiting for months for her Care Bear birthday. I don't know why she was so determined to have a Care Bear birthday. We only have 1 Care Bear movie and they hardly ever watch it. They have a Care Bear book that we hardly ever read. But Memee did get them Care Bear dolls that they play with quite often, maybe that's it.

We had a simple fun filled day to celebrate her 2 year birthday. She woke up to streamers, a fun cake and presents on the table. Daddy made her the best waffles I've ever eaten for breakfast. We got her a little pink leotard with a tutu attached which she liked so much that she wore it all day! We went to McDonald's and got the girls Happy Meals (this is a rare occasion) for lunch. My family came over for a little party and we ended the day by going to Red Robin where she stood on the table for the birthday song and had all eyes adoring her.

Happy Birthday my adorable, mischievous, sweet, fun, silly, blue eyed girl.

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jacquelyn said...

so cute. care bears are adorable, that is sweet she wanted them there (:
love the tutu! girls in tutu's are the best!