Thursday, May 26, 2011

Am I dreaming?

I know you know I haven't been posting on here very frequently. Well, that is, if you actually come here to see what I'm up to frequently. But, you may not know why. Let me tell you. WE ARE BUYING A HOUSE!!! A NEW house! With plenty of space! With a private back yard! On a dead end street! With a beautiful kitchen! And....a playground in the back yard! Am I dreaming? It still hasn't sunk in yet. It probably won't until a few months after we move in. But I feel like I'm dreaming. But if I'm dreaming, I probably wouldn't be so tired by the end of the day. You see, we are still working on projects to complete this here duplex we are living in. In fact, I really shouldn't be blogging but rather painting the final touches in the kitchen. Ah, oh well, I'll get to that. Yes, so we are finishing the remodel on the duplex, taking care of 3 kids, figuring out the finishing touches on the new house, Stephen is working his day time job +2 side jobs and we are packing and organizing so that we can move in approximately 30 days. We are busy. I don't mind a bit! I will be posting more on the new house and the completed duplex soon. But for now, I'm off to finish more projects!


Disney said...

Congratulations!! I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous.... :o)

The Gardner Family said...

Thrilled for you guys!!!