Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Dude!

My little Pike turned one year old today. As overused as this phrase may be, it is true, I am amazed how fast time flies. This year has been very hard, very fun, very trying and extremely blessed. Pike has giving me more kisses and snuggles than both of my girls combined. He is the sweetest little boy. His laughter is contagious. And, as annoying as it may be to have your hair pulled and your belly kicked in the middle of the night, when he turns over to cuddle, it almost makes up for it! (He doesn't sleep with us all the time but lately it seems more often than not.) Pike loves to push toys and furniture around the house to support his chubby little legs and their attempt at walking. However, when he lets go, he drops to the ground and crawls as fast as a race-horse. Pike loves food and continues to let the world know that by making loud grunting noises and squeals as he eats. Unfortunately this love of food drives him to pick up every scrap and crumb he can find on the ground and the scraps of bread or other items containing wheat don't agree with his little body. Pike loves to be outside, he'll crawl with bare knees on concrete or gravel but if you stick him on grass, he won't move an inch. Don't even try to get those toes to touch the grass, he'll bring his feet to his chest and begin to squirm immediately! I have so enjoyed my baby boy this year. Happy birthday little Pike Henry.


Disney said...

Happy Birthday, Pike! I can't believe it's been a year.

jacquelyn said...

Oh my gosh Paige, I cannot believe it! Time really really does go by fast, I say it all the time.
Hope you had a fabulous day with him, he is so adorable and sweet!
Happy day Pike!

Cassie said...

Happy Birthday, Pike (a few days late)!

It feels like yesterday that I was stalking your blog to see if you had given birth to your little man yet. Hard to believe it has been a year!

He is such a cutie!