Tuesday, January 22, 2013


When Pike is dancing around, as though he CLEARLY has to go potty:
Me: "Pike, do you have to go potty?"
Pike: "No. Me just wocking out."

When Pike's eyes are slowly blinking in the back seat of the car:
Me: "Pike, are you sleepy?"
Pike: "Me not sweepy. Me just chiwin' wike a biwain"

When Pike farts:
Pike: "Me just tooted out my buns!"

An hour after breakfast, as though he's starving:
Pike: "What me can have!?"
Me: "A banana or some cheese?"
Pike: "Me not want banana, me want oange."

Every other second of the day:
Pike: "Play with me, mom?"
To which my response varies. 


Disney said...

Haha!! "Wocking out", that kills me. To this day Paige tells me she's just "pulling up her pants" when she's trying not to wet herself. Kids are seriously the best. (And Pike is SO cute!!!)

jacquelyn said...

so great, what loads of laughter you must have over there! (:

Off The Cuff Cooking said...

No wonder Pike & Erik are such good pals... they are characters those two!