Tuesday, January 1, 2013

marshmallow world in the winter

On December 18th we woke up to snow. A few inches even. Secretly I kind of hoped it would melt by daylight because I knew that if it didn't melt by daylight, I would have some kids wanting to go play in it. Playing in it is fun and good, it's the getting dressed to play in it, getting undressed after playing in it and the laundry that made wish it be gone. But alas, it didn't melt and I couldn't tell my kids they couldn't go out in it.

So, at 8 o'clock in the morning, I pulled down the box of winter gear. I dressed all of the kids in layers. I wrapped Jovie's cast. I dumped the dust out of the snow boots.

Pike insisted on wearing his favorite pants, the Superman pants I made for his Halloween costume. He had to wear girls' hand-me-down snow boots. And he picked out his hat of choice from the box. Jovie managed to get dressed in snow gear over her cast and I carried her out in the snow. Pear found her winter clothes and dressed herself with little help.

Once the kids were situated in the backyard, I came back inside to watch from the warmth of our home with Crew. I am so glad that the snow didn't melt. If it had melted, our morning would have been a typical morning. But instead, the kids made memories. They played in the snow and will now dream of the next time they get to play in the snow. Why do I worry about how much work life is at times. Why don't I just roll with it and enjoy?

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Disney said...

Oh, Paige, so much cuteness! And I love Pike's hat of choice. :o)

I have to admit, I'm totally guilty of the "I hope it melts" thing. I can be so lazy sometimes! But when I think of how much those snowy memories mean to me, I bring out the snow pants.

Glad your pumpkins got to make memories! (And that you got to enjoy from inside!)