Monday, July 6, 2015

Minecraft, Legos, he's all boy!

And just like that, he's 5. Pike plays legos all day long, every day. When we are gone for a few hours, and return home, he goes straight to his room to build whatever was going through his imagination for the previous hours. 

Most days, the kids get 30 minutes of screen time (electronics) and most days Pike chooses Minecraft. He requested a Minecraft birthday and so I tried to make it simple and fun. He loved it! thankfully these pictures don't show what a poor sick little guy Pike was on his birthday. He spent the majority of the day sleeping with a fever. :( But, he doesn't seem to remember that. And by these pictures, hopefully he'll only remember the fun things.

Pike is strong. He is determined. He is brave. He is kind, especially to his sweet baby sister. Pike is challenging and I am being shaped into a better mother and person because of him. I'm so thankful for his silliness. Happy Birthday Pikee Dude!

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jacquelyn said...

never fun to be sick on your birthday! Glad he still had a great time!