Friday, July 31, 2015

The man I married. The man I love.

I married a boy. He was 20 years old. He had a huge smile and perfect lips. His dreamy eyes were big and green. My heart knew he was the one. He was generous, always looking for ways to bless people. He was reserved and gentle, yet outgoing and bold. He worked hard and was determined to be the best at everything he attempted to do and be. He wooed me by bringing me lunch on my shift at work or a Starbucks treat in the middle of the day. He made me feel like a queen. We were young, I was 18. We knew we wanted children, 5 or 6 to be exact. We knew we wanted to travel. We loved to cook. We loved to play games. We loved to talk. We loved to simply be together.

The boy I married is now 31. He still has his huge smile, perfect lips and dreamy eyes. He has proven to me to be more generous than I ever knew. He strives to give me everything I ask for and then some. He has exceeded my hopes and expectations as a provider. He still woos me with little notes, texts or by taking me to coffee. He's proven to me that I am his queen. I only want to be a princess but he won't have it.

We have 5 kids. With each one came sacrifice on his part as he has watched and encouraged his wife morph into an emotional pregnant woman 5 times over. And then came the nursing baby who is tied to the hip for a year. He not only puts up with it but takes the baby out for a walk when she won't calm down in the restaurant. He is an amazing father that brings more joy and laughter to the table than I ever could.

We love to cook more now than ever before. He is continually blessing me with his amazing skills in the kitchen. Be jealous ladies, sometimes he cooks AND does dishes. We also love to entertain. Sadly with 5 kids in the mix, it only happens about once a year! We still nerd out with games. It's moved from Scrabble to Settlers of Catan to Carcassonne to Dominion. We like games with words, and farming and dragons, we're just cool that way.

Stephen is my love. He stole my heart and has filled it with so much love and joy. We chose to live this life together. Some days are tough. Some years are tough. But loving him is constant. It is a constant choice and when chosen, it is wonderful. We aren't perfect. And I have failed him on many accounts. With God's grace though, and Stephen's patience, we get to grow old together; we get to experience life together. Marriage is a tricky thing. There are so many things that I didn't understand 11 years ago that I now know. I can honestly say this: marriage, this marriage, gets better with age. For that I am thankful and eagerly anticipate the next 11 years...and many more after that.

I love you Stephen.


jacquelyn said...

Happy for you both! You guys are lovely together!

We love the same games. (:
Have you played Ten Days in Asia (or Europe)? SO great!
Congrats on 11 years!!

stevegillis5 said...

Reminds me a lot if your dad.