Monday, November 16, 2015

Hawaii 2015

Stephen and I went to Maui last month. It was a time of rest. I was able to think and read and eat and laugh and rest. I was reminded more than ever before how blessed I am, how much I love my husband, how much I love my kids and how thankful I am for this life I've been given and how grateful I am for His love and mercy. God's earth is vast, the ocean is huge, his creation is amazing, and we get to enjoy the beauty of it all. I don't want to squander this opportunity.

P.S. We took a boat ride along a pod of dolphins. They really are beautiful creatures. We also snorkeled with sharks. 4 ft white tip reef sharks to be exact. And I learned to surf...or at least tried to learn to surf. I really just learned how to fall. Actually, I didn't even learn how to properly fall. The bruises on my hips were proof that maybe I should take lessons on land.



Cassie said...

These photos are wonderful! It looks like a fantastic trip! The longer Nathan I are married the more seldom we've gotten away (or maybe that has to do with kids?). In any case, it makes trips away that much more special! I'm so glad you got to enjoy that time together all by yourselves!

jacquelyn said...

SO beautiful!! I am so happy for you guys. that looked amazing.
I hope you came back refreshed and renewed!

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