Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Nicks Doodle"

Pear loves Snickerdoodle Cookies. This morning she and I made a scrumptious batch. Stephen took some of them and shared them with his co-workers and we will eat the rest this evening with our hot cocoa while driving around looking at Christmas lights. (We'll see how long Jovie will let us do this as she still hates the car.)

Pear calls these cookies "nicks doodle" cookies. I think it both funny and cute the way she says it, so this morning I got a clip with her saying it. I also received a gorgeous smile from Jovie and thought this clip blogworthy.


Rhianna said...

That is sooo cute! :) Your girls are both so beautiful. :)

KAMILLE said...

Very sweet how she says snickerdoodle