Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thank you, God, for Mothers.

My Mother, My Mother's Mother (Memee), Jovie, Me and Pear

Everyone always hears how thankful they'll be someday to have mothers, fathers, parents, etc. in their life. I have always been thankful but to what extent is the subject of matter here. As one of nine children, I have to realize that my mom did what I am doing now, (the sleepless nights, countless poopy diaper changes, nurturing the sick child, making meal after meal that goes uneaten by the picky eater, taking an hour to rock a baby to sleep only to have her wake after five minutes... the list goes on,) NINE times over. Granted, some babies are easier, others are harder, but I believe for the most part, the load carried is the same. Yes, I believe my mom is Wonder Woman. She blessed me and each of my siblings with life and not only life but with a mother that nurtured, cared for, listened to, sacrificed for and loved unconditionally. Thank you mom.


Sherri said...

That left tears in my eyes. How sweet.

KAMILLE said...

that's super sweet what you wrote and I hope my daughters can say the same about me someday. Also, Pear and you also look extremely cute in the photo.