Wednesday, December 17, 2008


"Snow! Snow! Come out in the snow.
Snow! Snow! Just look at the snow!
Come out! Come out! Come out in the snow."
This is a paragraph from a much loved book in our household, Snow, by Roy McKie and PD Eastman.

It was snowing when we woke this morning and it continued without stopping. It has subsided a little now but we are expecting more through the night. We have around eight inches on the ground now. Pear and I ventured out this afternoon to make a snowman. Poor Pear didn't have snow bibs or mittens so we bundled her up in several layers of pants and she braved the snow with her bare hands. When we finished having fun outside, we came in and made hot cocoa and sat by the fireplace and read the above mentioned much loved book.Venturing out in the snow. Notice the one mitten? We found one baby mitten but we couldn't find the other and it wasn't meant to handle snow. It was soaked through within a couple of minutes.

Rolling and patting the snowman.

Pear, trying to put "Frosty's" carrot nose in place.

Pear and "Frosty".

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Jim said...

That is too cute! Pear I like your snowman. He is big! I can't wait to see you. You're a fun mom, Paige.
Love Pappy