Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Pear!

Pear turned 2 years old on the 13th of February. It is amazing how fast time flies by! We decided to celebrate on Sunday the 15th so that Stephen could be home to participate in the celebration and so that we could have a party. Pear's morning begun by walking through a doorway of streamers and into a fully decorated kitchen. Her cake was adorned with Toy Story 2 figurines. (Toy Story 2 is her favorite!) We got her a Little Tikes kitchen set off of Craigslist for her birthday gift and she loved it from the moment she saw it and has been playing with it constantly since. We also got her a princess night gown or "jammie dress" which she put on right away and wanted to wear all day long. She cried when we told her she had to get dressed to go to Wind Up Here, (a wonderful toy store in town.) She was happy when we got there though and we played for a good while before heading to Red Robin for lunch where Pear had clam chowder and a chocolate milkshake. That was quite a treat! We had a small family party; only our immediate families were invited and that produced about 20 people, most of those being kids! That about sums up Pear's birthday celebration. She had great fun and we instilled some fun memories. She talks about her birthday daily and I believe she already anticipates her next!

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Disney said...

What a lovely party! Pear is getting so old! I can't believe it!
I think I've been to that toy store before! It's really fun!