Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Horse

As a girl, I always wanted a horse. A palomino was preferred. I worked a paper route every day for over three years to save up for my dream. I horse-sat, took lessons, I even went to a couple of 4-H meetings as my parents wanted to make sure that I really wanted this horse. By the time I saved the thousands of dollars required for the investment in a horse, I decided that I enjoyed riding a horse but it wasn't worth the time and money to me. So, my dream faded.

About a year ago, my parents purchased Mac. My horse, (that's what they tease.) He is a beautiful palomino. Since I was pregnant with Jovie when they purchased him and I haven't ridden a horse in years, I didn't want to risk getting bucked or pushed around. I just rode him for the first time this week! Piper rode Ringo and I rode Mac. It was great fun. Mac knew I hadn't ridden a horse in a while and he tried to push me around a little but hopefully he'll figure out real soon that I am the boss.


Disney said...

Wow, how exciting! I used to hate horses, if you can believe it! But now I think they're gorgeous. You're so blessed to have one to ride! What does Pear think of Mac?

Piper said...

That was a lot of FUN! we'll have to do it again sometime!