Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Here are some reasons that I love my daddy:

He has fun ideas for birthday cakes and knows just what I like.

He holds my hand.

I am his big helper and he loves having me help!

He gets the best Christmas trees.

Daddy takes me outside on adventures!

He snuggles with me and sometimes (if mom lets him) he takes a nap with me.

I'm proud of my dad.

Dad lets me play computer games with him. Shhh. Don't tell mom!

He brings me special treats. I love doughnuts, ice cream and cookies!

My dad knows how to sympathize with me.

He always greets me when he comes home from work. Then we get to jump on the bed!

When I don't have a coat, daddy lets me snuggle in his. Daddy's is soft and warm.

Daddy loves Jovie too. She'll get to do all of these fun things and have her own special moments with daddy as well. Thank you, God, for such a wonderful daddy!


Piper said...

That was so Cute!!! Fun pictures Paige!

The Gardner Family said...

That was precious!!

someonefamiliar said...

i love that post! he seems like an awesome sweet father! very lucky girls!