Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rolie Polie Jovie!

My Little Chunk (as I call her) is 6 months old. She is so precious! She is a content and happy baby. She smiles constantly and brings smiles to those around her. As you may remember, she didn't like sleep when she was a wee one and she still doesn't seem crazy about it, but, life goes on! Here are some things Jovie loves:

1. Mommy- "Mama" was Jovie's first word. She much prefers Mama over anyone else.
2. Big Sister- Pear: Jovie lights up anytime she sees Pear. Pear can make her laugh easier than anyone else.
3. Daddy- Jovie loves to give Daddy kisses.
4. Eating- She is a great eater! She eats fast and always wants seconds.
5. Being Naked- If she's upset, just strip her down and she'll cheer up.
6. Rolling- The title of this post indicates 2 things, the fact that Jovie has many rolls and the fact the Jovie rolls many times! She travels anywhere she wants by rolling. She's been doing this for the last 6 weeks. I lay her down, the next minute she's on the other side of the room!
7. Toys- Jovie is good at entertaining herself with toys. She likes variety- who wouldn't!
8. Being outside- Since Jovie was born in November, she didn't see the sun until about a month ago. Ever since then, she wants to be outside anytime she can.
9. Paper- If you want to pick a fight with her, give her a piece of paper or a page out of a magazine and then try to take it away- not fun.
10. Binky- Jovie loves her binky. She only gets it when it's bed time but oh boy does she like it!


Piper said...

I most certainly agree, she can make anyone smile,
and she's a pudgy little doll! And last but not least she's Adorable! What a lovely piece of God's work!

Disney said...

What a sweetie! And I love her little pink and white outfit!

KAMILLE said...

She gets more cute every time I see her. Oh I could squeeze her chubby cheeks!