Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Memee!

It was at Memee's that we imagined "house-house". It was here that we pretended we were waiters and waitresses. We played capture the flag for hours. We soared on the broken-in springy horse. We exercised to Richard Simmons until we fell over in exhaustion from laughter. We climbed the mature rhododendron tree. We ate chili and cornbread on Halloween before going out to collect candy. Memee's was my favorite place to go.

I have countless memories, wonderful memories, that words probably can't express. Us kids would patiently wait with excitement when we heard mom on the phone with Memee, talking of some special outing we might go on. Let's see, there was Enchanted Village, a ferry ride, breakfast at Duffy's, a trip to Oregon and many other places. A picnic at a park, Seattle, the zoo, the Nutcracker, the beach, the fair, even a simple trip to Olympia was fun if Memee was going. Memee would take us to see the newest Disney movie or to the 7th Street Theater to see the latest production.

Sometimes Memee would even have us over for a slumber party. Slumber parties were the greatest! It was then that Memee would turn on the old record player or let us exercise (or rather laugh) to Richard Simmons. Any time we got to get together with our cousins at Memee's was a time of fun. Memee always had pop and ice-cream bars or a bowl on the counter filled with candy.

Halloween was a holiday that we waited all year for. Not just because we got to dress-up and knock on doors for candy, because we got to go to Memee's with all of the family. Rain or shine we would go and eat the best chili and cornbread, venture out in the cold in a big group and then come back and dump our candy on Memee's living room floor to see who got the most. What fun! Memee didn't and still doesn't miss a beat. Happy Birthday songs (sung by Memee) are often heard over the phone and Valentine's or St. Patrick's Day cards filled with confetti are received in the mail.

Each of Memee's grandchildren received a Cabbage Patch Kid and now her great-grandchildren are receiving their Cabbage Patch Kids! Mine is tucked away, nicely worn and it is so much fun to get to see my little ones napping with, rocking and wearing their Cabbage Patch Kids out.

Memee has invested so much into her grandchildren. I don't know how she does it, keeping up with all us! Things as little as going upstairs to check out the pig room or as big as the trip to New York, these are the things that I will remember forever. I can only hope that some day I will be a grandma and have as much fun and create as many memories as my Memee.
One of many grandchildren photo shoots

Me and Memee in her green chair (she still has this chair)

On Memee's back porch with cousins

Girls sleepover at Memee's

Grandchildren at Memee's for fun

In a limousine on our way to The Nutcracker

Another of many grandchildren photo shoots

In Ocean Shores for the Sandcastle festival

Central Park, New York 5 years ago


Disney said...

Oh Paige, I love this post! I remember how fun and funny and energetic your grandma was when I knew her! She sounds like she's a pretty special lady. I wish I had the chance to see her again!
I also love the hilarious old photos. You've got to love the '80's and '90's!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful memories, and priceless pictures!
What a precious memee you have... I want to be like her too! ;)

Jeff Timberwolf said...

that's great you have a wonderful relationship with your grandma and great memories. Also, the very first picture of you as a baby looks like it's Pear.