Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

“The greatest gift a father can give his children is to love and respect their mother” ~author unknown

I am greatly blessed with a dad that loves my mother. Never once have I doubted that. I have always felt secure in the fact that my family will never be broken. That no matter what, my parents love each other and will always be together and therefore us children (me and my siblings) can rest assured that we too will always be together. I completely agree with this quote. I feel it is pivotal for a family to have a good marriage as a base.

Now my husband loves me dearly and has blessed our children by this. I am so happy Stephen is my husband and Pear and Jovie's daddy. It is so wonderful to watch the role of "daddy". It is so important. Pear, at two years old, needs special snuggles and words of affirmation from daddy. The first thing she says when she accomplishes something, makes a work of art or puts on a new dress is "I want to show daddy."

Thank you, dad, for being such a wonderful dad and for loving mom.

Thank you, Stephen, for being such a wonderful husband and daddy to our little girls. I am daily reminded of how blessed I am.


KAMILLE said...

very true indeed.

Jim said...

Thanks Paige....As you know your mother is sooo easy to love!