Sunday, July 19, 2009

Follow the Rabbi

Stephen and I have been listening to and enjoying the "Follow the Rabbi" lectures by Ray Vanderlaan. They are encouraging, inspiring and very thought provoking. My eyes have been opened to the thinking of an eastern mind and to the very core of the culture which the scripture was written in. I am still trying to break the mold of my western thinking mind which assumes that a+b=c or that when the bible speaks of numbers, it means quantity where in fact, the numbers often spoken of are symbolic to an eastern mind and convey an entirely different meaning.

I highly encourage you check out this link. Take some time and listen to these lectures. I plan on listening to these a couple of times over as I am still processing a lot of the things I've heard. Also, these are great to download to a CD and take on your next road trip. Just an idea!

Be encouraged.

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