Friday, July 17, 2009


I'm not a big Michael Jackson fan for a couple of reasons: For one, I have always found it slightly disturbing to fill my head with music coming from a weird, twisted and perverted person and two, his style is simply not my favorite. I will not deny that he had talent. And I actually do enjoy some tunes from Jackson 5. I will also not deny that his death is extremely sad. However, my reasoning is not because he will be missed but because of the fact that his lifestyle did not exemplify one that was following Christ. I am baffled and disturbed by the transformation of a healthy looking fun kid to a scary, unnatural man. What would bring someone to this transformation?
I feel silly to even post about Michael Jackson, but at the same time, I wonder what he could have done with the talent he was blessed with if only he used it for God's glory. And it makes me think about life and how I am supposed to be living in order to change this world and the people in it to be more like Christ.


The Gardner Family said...

Great post.. totally agree!!!

Wyatt said...

Paige, I know you secretly love him and his music. It's cool. I love, well, atleast his music!