Thursday, January 28, 2010

French Pastries

I think I've mentioned before, in this household, we LOVE food! I've posted before about Pain au Chocolat but I don't know if I've posted before on the divine satisfaction from the Vanilla Bean Croissant. Well, last week, I just so happened to have fresh yeast on hand that had to be used by Saturday. So, I made a batch of buttery croissant dough, (you can find the recipe here,) and Friday night I rolled my dough to a nice 1/8" thickness and stuffed some of this said dough with bittersweet chocolate batons and the other portion of this said dough I filled with vanilla bean sugar, (a simple concoction of 2 cups sugar, 2 vanilla beans-pods scraped into sugar and bean stored in with sugar at least 3 days,) and rolled cinnamon roll fashion.
Jovie eating up the fact that I'm taking a picture of her! Unless I catch her by surprise, this is the smile and face she gives the camera.

Pear was also in a "posing" mode.

Pain au Chocolat (Chocolate Croissant)


Anonymous said...

I love that you love to bake as well. I also busted up laughing when I saw Jovie's face--it could not get any cuter. She should be the poster child for these croissants. I will check out the recipe for sure.

Also, I have been perusing Azure Standard and thought you might like it as well.

it's a food delivery system but so much more.

Disney said...

Why......why??? Why did you have to post those delicious photos? Now I want pastries so badly. I hope I can try one of yours someday! :o)

Piper ;) said...

Ohh!! Those look, delish, Paige! =) If only I had your skill... =)