Saturday, January 9, 2010


So, either my life has been a little on the boring side or I've simply been too busy to write. Maybe it's a little bit of both. Either way, I want to make sure and give Jovie the praise she deserves this week as she has accomplished a lot.

1. My little chunker is now walking everywhere. Last week, I took her bare footed everywhere, (because she doesn't really like shoes and she usually kicks them off in the car therefore, I have to stand in the rain and put her shoes back on or else leave her bare footed,) now she is sporting adorable size 3 tennis shoes.

2. We snipped the tip and said good-bye to those bouncy-ball binkies! Never again will I use Soothies binkies, (the ones given out by the hospital.) They literally bounce, roll and some how runaway anytime the child decides they've had enough sucking. On top of that, Rosebud (my parents' bloodhound) loved the thick silicone bink and decided it was the perfect chew toy. So, anytime we went there we had to keep a close eye on where the binky was. One time, my mom caught Rosebud's stash and there were 3 binkies in the garage, all with the end chewed off!

3. We have adjusted, (or we are adjusting still,) to taking 1 nap a day. This is partly because Jovie wasn't napping well. Partly because she was waking up at 5am. And partly because, I just thought she was ready! Well, though she's been napping a little better, (maybe giving me a 1hour nap,) she is still not napping long enough. And she is still waking up EARLY. Only now it's more like 4am, goes back to sleep at 4:30am and then wakes again at 5am. I'm sticking to my guns for another week as we've been through a lot this week and this sleeplessness could be because of any number of factors.

All this to say: Way to go, Joves! (Or should I be patting myself on the back?)

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Disney said...

I think you both deserve a pat (or two!) I wish I could be there hanging out with you and seeing Jovie and Pear grow up! I'm so glad you keep a blog so that I can keep updated!