Friday, January 1, 2010

My chunky monkey- Jovie!

Jovie is such a joy. She is growing and changing at a rapid pace. She can walk now, however, she prefers to crawl and the few times a day I see her toddling around, she does it with much caution. Her hobby is still eating. Which in turn seems to make my hobby cooking/cleaning. People continue to comment on her adorable chubby cheeks which I sort of hope never thin out. Jovie plays monkey-see-monkey-do with Pear. Her most recent copy trick is picking her nose and giving me a boogie to wipe on tissue. (She hasn't been successful on her hunt for gold yet though.) She is becoming more vocal and though her words are limited, she figures out ways to communicate. The other day, Pear had hit her on the head while I was in another room, Stephen however was reprimanding Pear and taking care of the situation. When I came into the room, Jovie made it very clear what the situation was. She began hitting her own head while looking at me and gave an"Eh! Uh! Eh!" Which I clearly interpreted "oh, did Pear hit you? That wasn't nice. Pear won't hit you any more." To which she nodded enthusiastically and said "eh." Jovie loves to give kisses and we all take as many as we can get in a day. She loves to snuggle and cuddle. I am soaking this up as I know some day she'll be out of that stage and I will look back and want one of those little kisses or her cuddly head on my shoulder.

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Lil Hippo said...

she is so adorable!