Saturday, February 13, 2010

three years old

It seems like yesterday that I set my alarm clock for every 2 hours all through the night to feed my preterm 5 lb 13 oz Pear. She was so tiny that her little body couldn't fill a preemie sleeper. Yet three years has passed and that little 5 lb 13 oz girl is now nearly 28 lbs and looks like a little girl. We've had a wonderful three years and I can't wait for the next three and the many more after that.

Pear's favorite things to do:
Play dress-up
Read books
Play imaginary animals or princesses (she goes around pretending she's a pink cat or Princess Belle)
Help me bake in the kitchen

We had a very fun time celebrating her birthday. We started the day of with Minnie Mouse pancakes made by Stephen. Then we played with her new bike and Cinderella doll. Then, Stephen took her to get a fish from the pet shop and we came home with a Happy Meal for lunch. Nap time. When she woke it was nearly time for her party which included both of our families and made for a houseful. We played pin the tail on the donkey and had a pinata. Oh, and we can't forget about the cake. Pear requested a princess cake with purple frosting. Thus what we had, homemade of course. After the party we went to rent a movie, came home and had dinner. Then had a tea party with hot chocolate with her new miniature tea set and finally watched her movie. The day is just about up and I'm pooped! But, seeing Pear's face light up as she walked into the kitchen this morning made the hours I spent baking and decorating all worth it. Hearing her say, "It's fun having a birthday," makes me smile. And the fact that she has told me over and over again that I'm "the specialest mommy ever," makes me feel like the most special mommy ever. What a joy it is to be a mom and what joy Pear brings to my life!


Jeff Timberwolf said...

Good job mama--You are the most specialist mama in the world to those special girls. You've done a fabulous job as a mama and you're right about all the hard work and energy spent to create moments & stories for Pear on her birthday. I love the pictures too. Happy Birthday Pear!

P.S. Veronica and I were at Costco today and she saw Easter dresses and sighed, "Ohhhh!" Then, she let me know that Pear would want the yellow dress.

Larissa Wardrip said...

Paige- She is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen! You are such a great mommy and your girls are so lucky to have you!