Friday, February 19, 2010

Time for Tea!

Pear had a delightful little tea party yesterday afternoon. I believe it was a success as she repeatedly told me throughout the evening, "it was fun having a tea party, mom." She also went into all of the details with Stephen when he got home from work and the first thing she told me as we sat at the table for breakfast this morning was, "that was a fun tea party!" We had a centerpiece of tissue paper lollipop flowers. For our tea party snacks we had madeleines, apples with cream cheese-caramel dip, grapes and cheese squares. The girls got to pick which type of tea they wanted and although I was hoping to let them be in charge of pouring and fixing up their tea, I became a little concerned that they might burn themselves so I poured the water and let them stir it and put the cream and sugar in. We played a game of "drop the coin in the tea-cup and played musical chairs. (I found out Pear isn't quite old enough for musical chairs as she was the first one without a chair and when I told her, she threw herself to the ground in tears as she didn't want to be out.) We continued to play a couple more rounds of musical chairs and then some duck-duck-goose. We had a houseful of laughter for a while as the girls played their games and made the cutest expressions as they were being chased, missed the chair and just played. Oh, and Jovie thought that she was one of the big girls, she had her spot at the table, picked out her special dress and was completely enthralled with the games. Unfortunately, I was busy with the festivities and didn't take very many pictures.


KAMILLE said...

so much fun. Veronica and I have had two tea parties this week, except we have used her fake food, but real tea. She said, "Oh, I like orange tea. Mama & me have a tea? That sounds like FUN!"

Piper ;) said...

You are such a fun mommy, Paige! What a blessing you are!