Thursday, September 20, 2012

All for a Chilly Goat

Lately, my craving of the day is a Chilly Goat. It's a blended espresso beverage from Dancing Goats Espresso in downtown Olympia. Yum! Some days, it's that one thing I get for ME. Sometimes you have to have just a little something that makes you happy to get you through all of those tough moments throughout the day that might not be so happy or may be just difficult. Anyway, it's a treat and some days I go out of my way to get one. Like driving downtown before nap time so that I can enjoy it during nap time.

Last week, I thought I'd get one. I hauled all of the kids into the coffee shop. Stood in line...and just when it was my turn to order, Crew blew his diaper out. (WARNING: if you are disgusted by baby happenings such as this, read no further.) There I stood with Crew in my arms, Pear and Jovie dancing around as usual and Pike running back and forth to make the automatic doors open and close, and what did I notice? Mustard, dripping down my hand, through my keys (which were in said hand), onto the floor. Embarrassing- for me. I looked like the crazy woman I am with four kids, out of control. I then tried to nonchalantly tell the kids we are ready to go, trying to not make a big deal of the poo. And of course Jovie, my inquisitive one, says in her loudest little girl voice, "why mom? Why are we leaving already?! Why do we HAVE to go? You didn't get your coffee yet."

If you were a fly on the wall, this is what you would've heard me saying in about a 30 second period: "Really? You really had to do this Crew? Oh, great. Come on kids we have to go. I'll explain in a minute, Jovie. Come on Pike! You need to obey me. Stop touching that. Come on. Pear, honey, stop dancing come on, this way. Our car is this way, Buddy. Let's go! Jovie-Joves, look both ways. Do you see cars? Hold hands. Oh brother, what a disaster. All for a coffee!"

We made it to the car. I bathed Crew while the rest of the kids jumped throughout the car. Pike had the hazard lights on, the wipers turned up and the rear-view mirror adjusted. Thankfully I had a spare t-shirt in the car, (I'm not that organized mom, always prepared for catastrophe.) And we decided to do a take II. I got my chilly goat and headed home. By this time, Crew was tired and decided to cry the whole way home. Worth it? Maybe. It's the little things that keep me sane. Or maybe it's the little things I try to do that will lead me to insanity. Either way, I'm blessed, I'm loved and we've made it through another day.


jacquelyn said...

Chilly Goat is the funniest name for a super yummy drink! (:
That is quite the eventful day! Blowouts in public are awful, especially dripping down your arm! (; I would keep an emergency kit in your car for next time! (:

Margaret said...

oh my gosh... the thought of diaper explosions strikes fear into my heart (though it also makes me giggle). i didnt even know something like that COULD happen...

paige, you have a great writing style! love reading whenever you do get to post :)

jeremy said...

Totally hilarious!


And Babies Make 4... said...

I needed this laugh today~ and not laughing at you,but laughing as a mom because I know those crazy moments and its so nice to really know that I'm not alone in the craziness! I often load my boys up just to go get a coffee for myself too, its the little things that make it all worth it,even the poo :)