Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A day at Lake Quinault

Last Saturday Stephen's family was camping at Lake Quinault. Stephen, Pear and I decided to drive out there first thing Saturday morning to spend a beautiful day in the rain forest. Here's what Pear looks like with bed head after a long drive:

It was gorgeous out there. Not a cloud in the sky and 85 degrees. We had a great time eating food, playing cards, swimming and visiting. Pear loved the kayak. She enjoyed navigating while on the shore. Stephen tried to take her out but she wasn't as crazy about it when it was rocking in the water. She did however enjoy wading in the water.

Stephen made a delicious Greek platter for an afternoon snack. This included a wonderful cucumber, tomato and feta cheese salad, grilled skirt steak, tzatziki and hummus dip. All made completely from scratch of course. I unfortunately couldn't partake in any of this Greek goodness as I am on a low fat diet and nothing there was anywhere near low fat. It looked great and Stephen thoroughly enjoyed both preparing and eating it so I was completely satisfied.

By the end of the day, Pear was filthy. Head to toe covered in dirt! You can probably come close to imagining her filth by thinking of a baby who loves getting into things, crawls everywhere, eats food by the handfuls and all of this on a dirt ground campsite.

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KAMILLE said...

man--tell Stephen his food definitely is making my mouth water. I also love that bed head of Pear's. Both our daughters have that crazy hair--I called Veronica "Don King" on Sunday, due to the craziness.